Revolutionizing Digital Governance: Real Vote – A Seamless Solution for Remote Municipality Council Meetings and Voting

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Real Vote

Revolutionizing Digital Governance: Real Vote – A Seamless Solution for Remote Municipality Council Meetings and Voting

In a rapidly evolving world, Soft Intellect has engineered a transformative digital solution called Real Vote, tailored to modernize and elevate the landscape of municipality council meetings.

Streamlined Decision-Making: The system offers automated quorum validation, analysis of voting results, and the generation of accurate meeting minutes. It simplifies the administrative process by managing user accounts, political groups, meeting logistics, and proposal registrations.

Crafting a Secure and Streamlined Process: Our adept team developed an innovative platform that redefines how municipal council meetings are conducted, introducing secure remote participation and voting. Through Real Vote, participants enjoy encrypted video-conference sessions, independent chat channels, and an entirely automated system for validating quorum, analyzing voting outcomes, and generating meticulous meeting minutes.

Necessity Breeds Innovation: The global pandemic underscored the urgency for digitization in the public sector. The absence of a comprehensive system for remote meeting conduct and real-time discussions prompted us to conceive an all-encompassing software solution, aligning meticulously with legal mandates.

Empowering Participants: Our solution grants participants the ability to engage and vote securely through OTP verification, harnessing universal electronic signatures (UES) or qualified electronic signatures (QES). This web-based system offers ultimate flexibility, allowing utilization across various devices – from laptops and tablets to smartphones.

A Transformational Impact: Real Vote reimagines the way municipal councils function. Its functional prowess includes:

  • Seamlessly orchestrating fully remote meetings and votes via SMS-verified OTP codes.
  • Enabling encrypted and secure video conferencing for each session.
  • Facilitating the attachment of diverse document types to agenda items.
  • Streamlining the process of proposing edits at the agenda item level.
  • Empowering participants with secure chat channels for individual, group, and political discussions.
  • Automating the generation of meeting minutes, voting results, and video recordings.
  • Empowering administrators with user and party role management.

Technological Ingenuity: Real Vote leverages an arsenal of advanced technologies, including .NET Framework, ASP.NET, WebRTC, Microsoft SQL, and Entity Framework.

Innovating the landscape of digital governance, Soft Intellect introduces Real Vote solution -where digital innovation meets seamless decision-making. Join us in revolutionizing the way councils conduct meetings, ensuring security, efficiency, and progress.

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