FlexyFit is a video sharing platform aimed at all who love sports, the platform has over 400 videos

Client:      Flexy Fit

Year:          2022



FlexyFit: Revolutionizing Sports Training with Digital Expertises

FlexyFit stands as an innovative video-sharing platform, meticulously crafted for fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and anyone with a fervor for sports. Proudly hosting an impressive library of over 400 specialized videos in the Bulgarian language, this platform has rapidly established itself as Bulgaria’s premier digital sports content hub. FlexyFit’s commitment to quality is apparent in its high-resolution video content, ensuring viewers enjoy an immersive and enriching viewing experience every time.

Recognizing the evolving digital consumption habits, FlexyFit has ensured its platform’s universality. Whether you’re on the move with your mobile phone, lounging with your tablet, at your work desk with your computer, or relaxing in front of your television, FlexyFit’s expansive content is right at your fingertips. By merging passion for sports with cutting-edge technology, FlexyFit is not just a digital platform but a community where the love for sports is celebrated, learned, and shared.

Business Context

Embracing a holistic approach to digital solutions, Soft Intellect strategically integrated a trio of technological advancements to optimize user experience and streamline administrative tasks. Firstly, they’ve rolled out feature-rich mobile applications tailored for both Android and iOS ecosystems, ensuring a broad user base can seamlessly tap into their platform. Secondly, recognizing the diverse tech landscape, Soft Intellect introduced a universally compatible web-based application, guaranteeing unhindered access regardless of the device or browser in use. For businesses management and operations, Soft Intellect developed an intuitive portal, meticulously designed to simplify content management, streamline subscription oversight, and offer real-time, granular statistics about subscriber interactions and behaviors. This empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions and enhance user experience continuously.

Financially speaking, FlexyFit has adopted a subscription-based model. This not only ensures sustained revenue streams but also guarantees user commitment. Payments, maintaining the highest security standards, are processed through trusted market leaders: the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.


Highlighting the FlexyFit Advantage:

Cross-Device Content Access: FlexyFit understands today’s on-the-go lifestyle. Hence, they offer unrestricted access to their vast library of video content, anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Risk-Free Exploration: Building trust is paramount. FlexyFit offers a generous 14-day trial period. During this window, users can dive deep, explore the platform’s features, and gauge its value, all before making a subscription commitment.

Personalized Training Plans: In a nod to customization, the platform boasts a unique feature allowing users to craft their weekly training regime. This not only caters to varied fitness goals but also fosters a sense of ownership and engagement amongst users.”

The Innovative Tech Solution:

The FlexyFit Digital Platform has been meticulously crafted upon a foundation of architectural design that prioritizes speed, security, and resilience of the software solution. Delving deeper into the platform’s architecture, here are its integral components and modules:The FlexyFit Digital Platform has been meticulously crafted upon a foundation of architectural design that prioritizes speed, security, and resilience of the software solution. Delving deeper into the platform’s architecture, here are its integral components and modules:
Content Management System (CMS):
This is a tailor-made platform based on WordPress, responsible for orchestrating the content across mobile applications, the web platform, and FlexyFit’s main website. Its pivotal role includes the streamlined addition of new videos, articles, and images.
Business Operations API:

A pivotal web service that empowers all functionalities for both users and platform administrators. This module acts as a integration layer, bridging the gap between mobile applications, databases, and other software solution components.

Membership & Analytics Database:
A central repository designed to capture and store both user and business data. All user subscription details, coupled with insights into user behavior across the user journeys and interaction with the applications, reside within this database.
FlexyFit Mobile App:
Representing the user interface, this component encapsulates applications designed for both Android and iOS platforms, providing users with an interactive platform experience.
FlexyFit Web App:

This is a universally accessible web portal, compatible across all browsers and devices. It offers functionalities mirroring the mobile application, ensuring a cohesive user experience regardless of access mode.

Business Portal:

Envisioned as a web-based application, this portal is dedicated to subscription management and detailed user data, offering a comprehensive profile for each customer, replete with insights into their interaction patterns on the platform.

Vimeo Video Storage:

Dedicated to housing video content, this module ensures storage of videos in various resolutions. Depending on the device in use and the prevailing internet speed, users access videos of varied quality, ensuring optimal streaming experience.

AWS Simple Notification Hub:

Leveraging the prowess of Amazon’s cloud infrastructure, this service’s primary goal is to dispatch notifications. Whether it’s mobile devices or web browsers, this cloud-based service ensures timely and reliable notification delivery.

Optimized User Experience Seamless Across All Channels and Devices

In the journey of designing the solution, our driving force was to curate an unparalleled user experience that is both seamless and intuitive:

Recognizing the sheer magnitude of available video content, we’ve integrated an advanced filtering system alongside a robust search functionality. This ensures that users can navigate effortlessly through the myriad of options to find content that resonates with their preferences.

To further enhance user navigation, we’ve meticulously organized video content into structured series of workouts. Each of these series belongs to designated sports categories, ensuring users can pinpoint the exact type of content they desire.

Understanding the diverse skill levels of FlexyFit`s user base, videos are strategically classified by their intricacy and intensity. This thoughtful segmentation not only caters to both novices and seasoned athletes but also empowers them to craft workout routines that align with their individual goals and available time.

The dynamic filtering mechanism operates on five pivotal criteria: content type, leading instructor, associated sport, degree of difficulty, and intensity level. Notably, users must select at least two of these criteria, ensuring a more targeted search. Coupled with this, our system accommodates keyword searches based on user-specified parameters.

Recognizing the value of convenience, Soft Intellect enabled users to earmark their favorite videos. This personalized touch ensures they can swiftly revisit beloved content whenever the mood strikes.

Lastly, the FelxyFit Digital Platform stands out by keeping users informed about their viewing history. This subtle feature ensures subscribers can make future workout choices with added confidence, drawing from their past engagements and inclinations.

Every component of the FlexyFit platform harnesses the power of cloud infrastructure, ensuring not only impeccable security but also unmatched scalability for the entire software solution. By leveraging the cloud’s capabilities, we are poised to deliver a robust and future-proof platform that adapts and grows, meeting the ever-evolving needs of our clients and their users.

Technologies Used

  • .NET Multi-platform App UI (.NET MAUI)
  • Microsoft ASP.NET Core
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • WordPress
  • Vimeo
  • AWS Simple Notification Service
  • Google Maps

Website of the project: www.flexyfit.bg