Empowering Shared Spaces: The Greeny Guest Platform

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Empowering Shared Spaces: The Greeny Guest Platform

Discover the innovation that’s reshaping the way open-air areas are shared and connected among property owners.

Innovative Collaboration: Enter the universe of Greeny Guest, a visionary platform meticulously crafted by the experts at Soft Intellect. This platform redefines the concept of shared spaces, uniting property owners from diverse corners of Bulgaria with clients seeking versatile venues for work, leisure, or events.

Mission of Convenience: Aligned with the soaring trend of shared economics and virtual workspaces, Greeny Guest is on a mission to simplify the process of space rental. With automation at its core, the platform streamlines location booking, making it effortless and accessible for all.

Digital Elegance: The development journey undertaken by the SoftIntellect team birthed a web platform that marries the unique intricacies of the business with a contemporary, inviting design. The platform boasts a responsive architecture, ensuring an impeccable user experience across devices of every size.

Streamlined User Experience: Greeny Guest caters to two core user groups: landlords and tenants. Landlords gain digital prowess, registering properties online and dynamically managing availability. Tenants benefit from an intuitive search engine, filtering by cities, dates, and preferences. The platform’s interactive chat and email inquiries facilitate effortless communication.

Technological Underpinning: The Soft Intellect team harnessed a powerful technological arsenal to bring Greeny Guest to life:

  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • NET Core Web API
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • WordPress

Experience the future of shared spaces with Greeny Guest – where innovation meets convenience, and connections flourish in open air.

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