Redefining Financial Management for Municipalities and Companies



Redefining Financial Management for Municipalities and Companies

Step into a realm of streamlined financial excellence with INFOSOF – an innovative FINTECH solution meticulously crafted for the orchestration of bookkeeping and financial processes within municipalities and municipally affiliated companies. Developed by the visionary minds at SoftIntellect, INFOSOF is the epitome of financial acceleration.

Pioneering Financial Empowerment: SoftIntellect’s ingenious team embarked on a journey to redefine financial management. INFOSOF isn’t just software; it’s a financial accelerator tailored to meet the unique demands of municipalities and municipally affiliated entities.

Seamless Precision: INFOSOF stands as the guardian against technical errors, breathing simplicity into the intricate process of data entry and financial report management. Through meticulous data validation and verification, the software solution ensures a faultless financial landscape.

Unveiling Financial Insights: The product arsenal spans across tangible fixed assets reports, employed people reports, balance sheets, profit and loss accounts, money flows, and capitals. INFOSOF offers more than just data; it offers insights into the financial heart of entities, ensuring informed decision-making.

Inter-Report Synergy: Beyond individual reports, INFOSOF’s prowess extends to inter-report validation, safeguarding data authenticity across different reports. It’s a web of validation that forms the foundation of financial credibility.

Technology in Harmony: INFOSOF’s transformative capabilities are woven with a blend of technologies:

  • .NET Platform
  • NET Core
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • JavaScript

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