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Soft Intellect`s all-in-one retail omnichannel composable e-commerce solution.

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Introducing OmniCompose Retail Hub

Smooth cross-channel e-commerce journey for a seamless customer experience.

A flexible, modular architecture tailored to
adapt and evolve with your business needs.

Retail Hub:
The epicenter of digital transformation,
curating all essential capabilities the
modern retailer requires.

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What is OmniCompose Retail Hub?

OmniCompose Retail Hub is a cornerstone in modern retail technology, thoroughly crafted to integrate flawlessly with your current technology ecosystem. Combining time-tested tools with next-gen features, it elevates customer engagement, propelling sales, and providing granular, actionable insights. In today’s intricate digital commerce landscape, Soft Intellect`s OmniCompose Retail Hub empowers retailers to maximize ROI on digital.

Why ОmniCompose Retail Hub?

Discover the diverse applications of ОmniCompose Retail Hub in these pivotal business scenarios:

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Unified Digital Presence Across Channels and Platforms:

Designed for the modern retail landscape, ОmniCompose Retail Hub is used for crafting sophisticated e-commerce web stores and mobile apps, while also seamlessly integrating with leading marketplaces and social media platforms. The solution comes
with a predefined set of e-commerce UI components for web and mobile helping businesses orchestrate the buyer`s journey faster. The typical business cases include:

E-commerce Start-ups: Businesses just starting out can swiftly establish their digital presence across a variety of channels, from their primary website to mobile apps and global marketplaces, ensuring they cast a wide net from day one.

Brick-and-Mortar Stores Going Digital: Traditional retailers seeking to embrace e-commerce can smoothly transition and amplify their sales via channels like Facebook Shop, Instagram Shopping, or even native mobile apps.

Brands Expanding Globally: Established brands looking to break into new markets can utilize OmniCompose Retail Hub to adapt their online offerings to different platforms popular in specific regions.

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Accelerated Order Processing & Fulfillment
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OmniCompose Retail Hub offers groundbreaking capabilities to significantly accelerate order processing and delivery. By harnessing the power of dedicated mobile applications—one tailored for streamlined order picking and another optimized for efficient courier management—businesses can achieve an unparalleled synergy in their fulfilment chain. The anticipated business result is astounding reduction in both order processing and delivery times by up to 80%. This ensures not just rapid service but also heightened customer satisfaction, placing retailers firmly at the forefront of today’s fast-paced e-commerce landscape. These capabilities are invaluable in the following business scenarios:

B High Volume Retailers: For businesses that experience high transaction volumes, especially during sale periods, the hub ensures order processes run glitch-free, ensuring customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Flash Sale Platforms: Platforms that run limited-time offers can rely on OmniCompose Retail Hub to manage sudden surges in order volume, ensuring that fulfillment doesn’t become a bottleneck.

Subscription Boxes: Companies offering monthly or periodic subscription services can streamline their recurring order processing and fulfillment to enhance customer loyalty.

Grocery Deliveries 

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Data-Driven Personalized Shopping Experiences:

In ОmniCompose Retail Hub stands is designed to deliver data-driven personalized shopping experiences, consistent across channels and devices. Recognizing the shift in consumer behavior and the increasing demand for tailored shopping experiences, this solution is strategically devised to provide unparalleled value in several critical areas:

Enhanced Customer Engagement: By leveraging real-time data analytics and a deep understanding of consumer behavior, our platform ensures that every interaction is meaningful, resonating with the unique preferences and needs of each shopper. This heightened engagement not only captivates the customer during their current visit but also encourages repeat engagements, building stronger brand loyalty.

Increased Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV): The ОmniCompose Retail Hub goes beyond a single transaction. By consistently delivering personalized experiences, customers feel recognized and valued, leading to increased frequency of purchases and higher average order values. This elevates the overall lifetime value of each customer, ensuring long-term profitability.

Optimized Buyer’s Journeys: Every consumer’s path to purchase is unique. Soft Intellect`s ОmniCompose Retail Hub meticulously tracks, analyzes, and adjusts to these paths, ensuring that every touchpoint, from initial interest to post-purchase, is optimized for conversion and satisfaction. By removing friction and anticipating needs, we streamline the buyer’s journey, fostering a more enjoyable and efficient shopping experience.

Timely Product Recommendations: Retail Hub can predict and present the right product to the right customer at the precise moment it matters most. This predictive capability ensures that customers are not overwhelmed with irrelevant options, but instead are presented with choices that resonate with their current desires and needs, increasing the likelihood of a purchase.


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Common business scenarios that benefit from data-driven personalization capabilities encompass:
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Luxury Brands: By leveraging transactional and behavioral data, luxury retailers can offer tailored shopping experiences, enhancing the exclusivity and personal touch they’re known for.

Seasonal Retailers: Businesses that have peak seasons, like holiday decor or summer fashion retailers, can use past behavioral data to tailor current season offerings, increasing their sales conversion.

Repeat Business Models: For businesses where repeat customers are the norm, the hub can use past transaction data to suggest new products or offer personalized discounts, ensuring customers keep coming back.

New Product Launches: When introducing a new product, brands can utilize customer behavior data to target the most likely interested segment, optimizing their launch strategy.

How does it work?

Soft Intellect`s OmniCompose Retail Hub stands as a comprehensive solution accelerator tailored for retail businesses keen on establishing a formidable digital footprint across diverse channels, while also streamlining order processing, fulfillment, and offering bespoke shopping encounters.

The solution is inherently modular, based on composable ecommerce architecture, allowing each of its robust components to function independently. This ensures a high degree of flexibility for retailers, accommodating specific needs without necessitating the deployment of the entire suite.
Its scalability guarantees the platform’s adaptability, whether addressing surges in user traffic or expanding product catalogues. Furthermore, its seamless integration capabilities stand out, as the hub can effortlessly synchronize with a wide array of systems, be it ERP, CRM, Inventory Management, or other e-commerce platforms. Underpinning all of this is an uncompromising commitment to security, leveraging cutting-edge encryption and authentication protocols. The OmniCompose Retail Hub, in essence, offers a blend of innovation and reliability, providing retailers with a solution that’s not only tailored for today but also geared for tomorrow.

The components that OmniCompose Retail Hub that offers include:

Ecommerce Mobile App: 
A user-centric application that brings the retail shop right to your customer’s fingertips. Seamless browsing, swift checkouts, and personalized recommendations amplify the shopping experience.


Product Information Management Platform (PIM): 
Guarantees that product information is precise, up-to-date, and consistent across all channels. From a centralized data repository to multilingual support and stringent data quality management, it’s an essential tool for global retail ventures.

Order Picker Mobile App: 
Designed for efficient in-house order management. Staff can manage the entire order lifecycle, from acknowledgment to preparation, ensuring accuracy and timeliness.


ERP System: 
An integrated solution that forms the backbone of your retail operations, managing everything from inventory and financials to vendor relationships and compliance.

Order Delivery App: 
Equipped with state-of-the-art routing and tracking capabilities, this application is an asset for delivery personnel, offering optimal routes and real-time updates to customers.


Content Management System (CMS): 
Empower your marketing and content teams with a robust system that streamlines the creation, management, and publishing of rich digital content. With support for multiple languages, it ensures your brand resonates globally.


Ecommerce Platform: 
A holistic platform encompassing vital features like catalog management, comprehensive order management, dynamic pricing rules, secure payment options, and multistore capabilities to cater to a diversified clientele.

Payment Gateway Integration: 
A secure bridge between your business and global customers, supporting major payment providers like Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Amazon Pay. It ensures smooth, safe, and swift transactions.

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